Who we are

YT. SOAP CO. is a growing company dedicated to the production and formulation of handmade soaps, personal care products, and scented candles. Yahira Rivera, Fomento certified soap-making artisan, has more than 10 years of experience in the formulation and study of handmade soaps. In addition, she has developed an online school for artisan women, soap makers, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge in formulation, business management, product labeling, and marketing regulations that also want to belong to a supportive international community.


  • We are focused on providing our fellow makers with a top-tier education and providing them with the tools they need to develop formulas and grow their businesses. We want to become the first artisan school focused on the science, regulations, and marketing of artisan soap in Puerto Rico.

  • Our company is not only distinguished by the quality of its products, transparency of ingredients and processes for the consumer, but we are also promoters of environmental conservation and we are committed to helping organizations focused on social causes such as animal rescue. , beach cleaning and special communities.