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Las de Siempre: Core Collection

Eleva tu rutina de cuidado con las barras favoritas de YT.

Welcome to your new obsession: skin pampering soaps and exquisite home fragrances

It's time to relax and treat yourself. You can't conquer the world and be a boss-babe if you have to worry about how to properly clean and pamper your skin. At YT. SOAP CO. we know how important it is to take time to relax, reset, and take care of yourself. Start with a gentle bar of artisan soap, made with your skins' needs in mind.

Follow up with our HOME collection, focused on creating the perfect ambiance for you. Enjoy our fragrances in wax melts, flame-less candles, or crackling wood-wick candles and set the mood in every space with high-quality and exquisite aromas.

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Velas de Navidad


My name is Yahira Tiare, I'm a certified soap-making artisan and I'm here to help you pamper your skin and indulge your senses with high quality products made just for YOU.

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