Soap Challenge Club: November - Royal Rose

Soap Challenge Club: November - Royal Rose

Hello peeps! This is my first time submiting a design for the Soap Challenge Club and I couldn't feel more excited and inspired.


What I love the most about soap curls is that (almost) everything that comes up on social media and the internet is about ASMR and soap crunching so I had to go to my notebook and draw for inspiration. 


My first try was almost a fail. I still love the design but it wasnt what I was hoping for. I made soap curls/scraps multicolored planets as embeds and I was hoping for spirals around the planets. Sadly, my spirals moved because of all the banging to get all the air bubbles out. At the end I was left with amazing planets, wacky spirals and air bubbles.


Video of first attempt:

Now it's time to get back to the notebook and draw some more. I went to my studio and unmolded a 3 day old soap I left on a silicone mold. I remebered that I forgot to add sodium lactate so it was a bit soft...perfect for curls. As I was making the first curl with my potato peeler, it made a "flower" when it dropped from the peeler. I decided to make a flower top soap.


thought about leaving them pink, but they looked like (very) delicious ham rolls. 


The soap was pliable enough to mold in the shape of roses and dust them with mica to give them the "royal" look. 

 Gold Finger mica to the rescue.

Now that I have some amazing looking roses I need to add something else to my top...leaves! Big green spirals to accompany my royal roses and help keep them in place.

I have my top decorations but, what about the actual soap? I started brainstorming, layers?, ombre?, slanted?, stitched pencil line? Im stuck!  So, I have golden roses and leaves...what about "roots"?

Pencil line it is. I used a rose fragrance oil knowing it would accelerate my trace and give me the perfect texture to make multicolored "root" pencil lines.

My roses were huge, I had to cut  ginormous bars in order to leave the roses whole.


I have to say I had lots of fun making this batch of soap. It is definitely one of kind and I'll be remaking this to use all of my soap shavings. I wish I made a video of this one, was too busy thinking about and modeling roses.

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I am glad I was not the only one seeing “ham”, nice work!

Glenda Munguia

very beautiful. Congratulations!

Eva Gomez

Beautiful, I love the shape of the eleljc675gant tall bars as well


This looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see you do another version of this. Perhaps you will use rose water in your mix? Either way, I know It’ll be amazing!


I love your creativity, Yahira! The planet soap isn’t as bad as you made it sound – it has so much character! I’ve never seen soap curls form roses, so they look fantastic as well! Even the spiral leaves are refreshing! Pencil line roots? Genius!

Amy Warden

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