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Summer Garden Candle

Summer Garden Candle

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Our promise

All of our soap bars are handmade from scratch using the cold process method. We take pride on our formulas, made with high quality and skin safe ingredients. Each bar is made, cut, stamped and painted by hand by our certified artisan and owner YT.

Soap is like wine, our bars are cured for a period of 8-12 weeks to make sure you receive them at their best. We can guarantee you will never want to go back to commercial soap ✨

We do our best to pack and mail our products in recycled, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable materials.

Care information


*Let it dry between uses

*Store in a dry place or use a soap dish with good draidrainage


*Trim the wick before every burn

*Do not leave unaunattended

*Our wax blend is scoopable, use a wooden spoon to remove leftover wax and melt in a warmer for some extra scent enjoymeenjoyment.

*Both our glass and tin containers are warmer-safe! If you want your candles to last longer and enjoy them without lighting them, remove the safety-warning sticker at the bottom and place them on an electric warming plate.

*Clean and reuse the containers. You can get in touch with us to send it back and get it refilled or receive store credit.

Contact us at and write "container recycling" as the email subjesubject.

Transforma cada espacio en un paraíso veraniego con nuestra colección de velas de verano. 

  • Summer Garden: orquídeas, brisa marina y rosas blancas  
  • Tope: Purple Amethyst + Strawberry Quartz

Todas las velas son vertidas a mano en envases reusables con tapa. Contienen 3.3-3.7 onzas de cera de coco + semilla de melocotón con pabilo de madera "chispeante" y sus topes están decorados con piedras semi-preciosas como cuarzos y brillo biodegradable a base de eucalipto. 

  • reusable

  • fácil de limpiar

  • opción de refill

  • warmer friendly: si no deseas encender el pabilo/mecha, remueve la etiqueta de seguridad y coloca en un platillo eléctrico/warmer para disfrutar de su aroma de larga duración 

  • scoopable : puedes remover el restante de cera y derretir en un quemador/wax warmer para un tiempo extra de ricos aromas

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Summer Bars

Get the full summer experience, in your shower, every-single-day. Pamper your skin with our refreshing sea moss soap bars.

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