Multi-usos soap

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In our mission to reduce waste and take care of our planet since 2018, we offer our best seller Multi-Usos soap block. This soap has been carefully formulated, you can say perfected, over the years to work as a solid multipurpose cleaner in your home.

We like to keep our formula simple and eco-friendly, these bars are made with coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, water, and fragrance or essential oils. 

The Multi-usos bar can be used for:

  • washing dishes, pots, pans, and all kinds of kitchen utensils.
  • use it to remove stains from the walls
  • Stove top, oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer
  • it can be used as a stain stick for all kinds of fabrics including: clothes, furniture, car seats, shoes, rugs, pillows, backpacks, and more
  • menstrual cloth pads, cloth diapers
  • it can be grated and used in powder form to clean: toilets, showers, floor, washing machine 
  • make-up or paint brushes
  • and much, much more

Want to see it in action?

We offer a variety of size and a combo-kit with a reusable wood and bamboo brush you can use for all your cleaning needs. Check out x Granos PR:

Scents vary by month, you can find coconut, citrus blend, mango, or piña colada.

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