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Fall/Holiday Candle Collection

Fall/Holiday Candle Collection

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The time has come to decorate your spaces and receive Christmas! And what better way to do that than with a hand poured scented candle.

Our Christmas collection is made with you and the best Christmases of your childhood in mind:

  • Transport yourself to the day you decorated your first "Arbolito"
  • Grandma's "Gingerbread" Cookies
  • The "Cookies for Santa" next to the glass of milk the night before
  • The delicious "Pumpkin Flan" filled with caramel
  • And the exquisite aroma of red, fresh and crisp "Apples"

About the candles:

  • Made with coconut + apricot wax
  • Wooden wick, sparkling
  • Top decorated with semi-precious stones
  • Aluminum container with lid
  • 6 ounces of wax
  • They can be placed in warmer to enjoy without a flame



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