Mad Micas Essentials: Colors I Love

Mad Micas Essentials: Colors I Love

It is no secret that I LOVE and use Mad Micas in ALL of my Dehoja Fantasía soaps. At the start of my bubbly soap-making journey I only worked with natural colorants like herb infusions and clays. Exactly a year ago I decided to dive into the magical and colorful world of micas, pigments, and oxides and let me tell you something I’m so glad my first stop was Mad Micas.

Not only do they offer a huge and FANTASTIC variety of colors, but their colors are vibrant, sparkly, easy to use, vegan, and come with all their proper documentation and safety sheets. Ps, they also offer FDA approved colorants for cosmetics and bath-bombs!   

Apart from a great quality product, their customer service is on point. You get handwritten notes, samples, sweets (also vegan), and your name written on the box. Talk about a personalized experience! They make you feel like part of the team every step of the way, plus, it’s a women owned business. Yay girl power.

This was my first soap with micas EVER, made on July 30th 2019

For this one I used Twilight, Blue Tide, Titanium Dioxide, and my all time favorite Goldfinger mica.

We soap makers have a one of a kind soap we will probably never recreate, this is my one-time masterpiece “Sally”. I’ve never worked with so many colors and techniques in a single soap, this is my precious baby.

For this batch I used (top to bottom) Brazen Hussy, Black Oyster, Bright Yellow Raincoat, Voodoo, Tahitian Teal, and Blue Tide.

The leaves on top are made from Sorcery Soaps soap dough and dusted with 3 Olive Martini, Goldfinger, King Tut, Spicy Tomato, and Pumpkin Head.

 I cannot live without what I call my “3 Kings” glitter blend. I’m from Puerto Rico and on January 6th the Three Kings (they travel by camels) visit kids and leave them gifts under the bed or the Christmas tree. The night before we cut grass and leave it for the camels to eat.

This is my 3 Kings blend in all its splendor

For this I used a Mad Micas fairy duster/mica pump with Goldfinger, King Tut, and Sparkle Sunshine. 

Other favorites of mine include: 

Snake Island, Blue Tide, Peacock, Harolds Purple Crayon, Grape Ape, Flashdance, Tennis Ball, and Voodoo.


Pours and colors in action:

Feel the Rainbow:

Wood Grain:


Go and check them out 👇🏽


•King Tut:

•Sparkle Sunshine:




Do you have a favorite Mad Micas color? Share it with us in the comments 

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